Board of Directors
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Rachel Brace 

Vice President

Jaymie Baldree




Dora Nomikos

 Disciplinary Chair

Jenica Walker


Ashley Thesis

Field Director

Deborah Melman-Clement



Full job descriptions can be found at the following link:


The President will preside at all meetings, will exercise supervision over the affairs of the KWSC and will represent the KWSC at all times.

Vice President

The Vice President will assume the duties of the President, when the President is absent, will undertake duties assigned to the President, will be responsible for publicity and main sponsorship contact as well as assist in collecting of KWSC equipment.


The Treasurer will be the custodian of the financial books, will make deposits and issue cheques, will make reports to the committee, will present an annual budget.


The Secretary will be the official record keeper of the association, will issue notice of meetings, will record the minutes and will issue copies of all minutes of all meetings.

Disciplinary Chair

The Disciplinary Chair will address all disciplinary actions within KWSC to ensure appropriate fine or penalty is enforced.


The Registrar will be responsible for team and player registration, maintenance of the OSA computer registration program, deliver registration fees to Treasurer and make reports of fees and registration collected.

Tier Director

The Tier Director is responsible for the collection and distribution of names of players interested in joining the KWSC.  The Tier Director also allocates teams into the appropriate tier.


The Scheduler will schedule regular, playoff and reschedules games.  As statistician, will ensure scores are entered and standings are accurate.Will also go through game sheets and look at the referee's game reports.

Past President

The Past President will assist the Executive Committee in an advisory capacity and undertake duties assigned by the President.

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