Draft Schedules Being Worked on for Outdoor 2011 Season

KWSC Members,

Teams may notice that schedules for the entire season has been posted online through the KWSC web site.  It is important for teams to note that these schedules are still in the draft stage and have not been finalized yet for the entire season.

Teams will be notified at a later time when the schedules have been finalized and approved by the KWSC Executive.  Please note that schedules can not be confirmed and finalized until all payment has been received by teams.

We are aware that there are issues with the distribution of Friday night games and we are looking into this.  We agree and understand that Friday nights are difficult for players.  We have been communicating that KWSC will be scheduling games on Friday evenings due to shortages of fields over the past two years and more recently at the General Meeting held in April.  It was shared at the General meeting in April that there is a severe shortage of soccer Fields this summer. Quite a few fields are out of commission or priority has been extended to youth teams for these 'primetime' slots. It has been very frustrating but they simply are not available. We had hoped to be able to secure fields for Wednesday and Thursday evening and continue with the alternate Sundays, however the Men's club has their games regularly scheduled for Wednesday and Friday evenings. Therefore we were left with no other alternative.

We continue to look for alternate fields, however this year our hands are tied. We are still working on the schedule to ensure that the number of Friday night games is evenly distributed amongst all teams.

You will be notified once the schedule has been finalized.

KWSC Executive

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