Attention: Tier II and Tier III

Tier II and Tier III Playoff Final games will be scheduled for SUNDAY AUGUST 28TH, 2011.

This Final games date change from the originally scheduled date is the result of the Tier II and Tier III semi-final games being rescheduled to Thursday August 25th.


Tier II and Tier III semi-finals that were originally scheduled to be played on August 21, 2011 were not started. Late that afternoon Kingston received an extreme heavy downpour of rain. At game time starts, the fields were deemed unplayable – they were very wet and in some places water lay on the fields. Playing upon them could lead to field deterioration. So these games have been rescheduled and players notified of the semi game reschedules.

KWSC explored the option of rescheduling these semi-final games prior to August 25th however upon investigation it became apparent that this was not possible; we have a limited number of referees in the area and they were already scheduled for other games and field availability was also an issue since our field contracts are for Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

For the determination of scheduling the Tier II and Tier III Final games to Sunday August 28th, KWSC polled the teams involved in the semi-finals for final game date preference based on player availability. The majority of the teams that responded indicated their preference was Sunday August 28th.  KWSC realizes this is not ideal for all however we are simply out of time – the summer is drawing to a close and outdoor teams are disbanding.

Those teams advancing from the Thursday semi-finals will be sent game addition notification as soon as possible. Notification contingent of course upon teams submitting their game reports after semi-final game completion as soon as possible. Woodbine #4 and Woodbine #5 will be the location of the Final games.

If your team advances from the semi-final however you are unable to field a team for the Sunday Final, the outcome will be deemed a forfeit. Please notify KWSC Communications if you are unable to field a team.


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