Tie-Breaker Required: Tier III Semi-Final Playoff Game #856 White Lightning vs Lanherne Lightning

Tie-Breaker Required: Semi-Final Playoff Game #856 White Lightning vs Lanherne Lightning

The Semi-Final Game #856 shoot-out will be held at 6:00pm, Sunday August 28, 2011 at Woodbine #5 and the Tier III Final Playoff Game will follow immediately thereafter on Woodbine #4.

Please be advised that a shoot-out format will be used to break the tie and decide the winner of the Semi-final Game #856 White Lightning vs Lanherne Lightning game that was played Thursday August 25th, 2011. The game was tied 1-1 when the lights timed out at Alcan on Thursday night, just as the shoot-out to break the tie had started. Both teams had taken one shot and both had scored.

The winner of the semi-final shoot-out will play in the Final Tier III Playoff Game scheduled immediately after the shoot-out has concluded.

Shoot-out details:

The players that were on the field for the shoot-out on Thursday night are the players that are eligible to participate in this shoot-out; 10 players for White Lightning and 10 players for Lanherne Lightning (reason 10 only: each team had received 1 red card during the game).

Players that received red cards during game #856 may not participate in the shoot-out and should not be on the field or on the player bench for this Sunday shoot-out.

The shoot-out will proceed in the usual manner; each team will provide the referee with the numbers and order of 5 players selected to take a shot. Teams may choose a different 5 from what they had chosen on Thursday night. If still tied after 5 shots, additional shooters will be selected to shoot in the usual shoot-out manner. The process will continue until the tie is broken. Winner should immediately proceed to Woodbine #4 to play in the Final game.

The Final Tier III playoff game is scheduled for 6:30pm, Sunday August 28, 2011 at Woodbine #4

Sands Auto vs Tie-Break winner of Game #856

Note: Players that received a red card in the semi-final #856 playoff game must serve a one game suspension, per KWSC rules, hence these players are not eligible to play in the Final Tier III game.

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