Proxy Voting at the AGM, Monday November 26, 2012.

If you are a KWSC Team Rep from 2012 and are unable to attend Monday's AGM, the KWSC requires a written note prior to the meeting if you are registering a Proxy for voting purposes.  

Via email (until Sunday Nov 25, 2012) 
Send your proxy's name, phone number and email address to the Communication Officer   no later than Sunday November 25, 2012.  Please include your name, your team name and session (Napanee Indoor  / Spring & Summer Outdoor / Fall Outdoor).  If you were registered in more than one session, please include that information as well.  

In person (Monday November 26, no later than 6:30 pm) 
A document with the same information above as well as the Team Rep's signature.  

The KWSC Executive

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