Reminder of Outdoor Rules, Fines and Responsibilities

Reminder of Outdoor Rules, Fines, and Responsibilities

With the 2014 KWSC outdoor soccer season about to begin, a Reminder to Teams to familiarize yourselves with KWSC Outdoor rules, fines, and responsibilities.

The complete KWSC outdoor rules are available on our website for download at

Teams are reminded of the following rules:

  • Registered Players - All players participating in KWSC must be registered with KWSC.
  • Players under the age of 18 years of age must have a waiver that has been signed by parent/guardian and SOSA must have this completed waiver prior to the player participating in any KWSC games.
  • Game Sheets - 3 copies to be given by both teams to referee prior to kickoff.
  • All players not present at game shall be crossed off by the end of the game.
  • Game sheet shall be signed by the team rep.
  • Both teams must submit on-line game report within 48 hours of scheduled game. Submissions should include cautions and dismissals issued during the game.
  • Equipment - Teams are to provide a set of corner flags, a game ball, and a net. Some fields already have nets installed and some do not. It is recommended that teams bring pegs to install and to remove after game - fields with nets already installed still require pegs.

Appendix B of KWSC rules lists applicable fines that KWSC may levy on teams that are out of compliance with the above rules and other rules.

Appendix C of KWSC rules provides first level discipline standard penalties for misconduct by a player with regard to cautions and dismissals.

Good luck with your season!


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