SOSA Interim Air Quality Policy

Interim Policy on Air Quality

Note: if Ontario Soccer releases an Air Quality policy, that would supersede this policy

If the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is listed at 6 or 7, this will be treated the same as a hot weather event with extra water/rest breaks recommended and encouraged. If the AQHI is 8 or higher, then all outdoor soccer activities (such as games, practices, and training sessions) should be cancelled. If the AQHI is at 6 or 7, but is forecast to get higher, activities should be cancelled. The decision whether to cancel based on the AQHI level should be made by 1:00pm each day to ensure time for communication to participants.

These are guidelines for each club within SOSA to follow, and allow them to make the appropriate decision themselves, without having to wait for additional guidance from SOSA.

Because SOSA crosses multiple Health Unit jurisdictions, this policy applies to activities scheduled to take place within the jurisdiction of the Health Unit recording the AQHI.

AQHI tracking websites:

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