KWSC General Meeting



K.W.S.C.  General Meeting

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 @ 7:00 pm

Denny’s Lounge, Division Street


1)      Call to Order

2)      Roll Call – make sure representative from each team signs the attendance sheet

3)      Approval of Previous Minutes (Secretary)

4)      Reports:

i)        Secretary

(1)   anything further

ii)      Registrar

(1)   basic rule on registering players

(2)   according to SOSA, registration is to be done 2 weeks before we start play

iii)     Treasurer

(1)   new process regarding ‘payment sheets’ will be discussed

(2)   the indoor budget will be discussed

(3)   financial report (including how the Field Fund Fee helped our financial status this summer)

iv)    Scheduler / Statistician

(1)   confirmation of date for indoor schedule to be posted

(2)   times tiers will be scheduled to play this upcoming season

(3)   potential scheduling issues

v)      Tier Director

(1)   waiting list availability

vi)    Disciplinary Chair

(1)   status on discipline issues over the summer

(2)   what looking for in the indoor season (good sportsmanship, no cards, etc)

vii)  Field Director

(1)   update will be provided in regards to outdoor fields

(2)   report on the city meeting

viii)            Past President

(1)   any comments welcome

ix)    Vice President

(1)   past tier winners and future tier winners – will discuss presentation and receipt of awards

(2)   discussion of “Winner’s” plaque and where to display

x)      President

(1)   indoor soccer rules / regulations

(a)    Players are requested to review the rules prior to the meeting.  There will be an open question period for those requiring clarification.  Team representatives will be requested to sign a confirmation form” indicating that they have read and understand the rules

(b)   handbook distribution: handbooks including the constitution, OSA insurance, schedules, rules and regulations will be distributed to each team

(c)    over 30 league: KWSC will not be running this program this fall

5)      Unfinished Business

6)      New Business: any new business that a team rep would like to bring up will be discussed

7)      Adjournment: set a potential date for the next AGM in November perhaps

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