2010 Outdoor Budget

Budget Outdoor May 20th to August 26th, 2010 (BASED ON 34 TEAMS)



Per Player

Per Team

KWSC Total

Field Rental:

9 games on lighted fields @ $25/team/game

10 games with no lights @ $12.50/team/game




Field Lining:




Referee Fees:

$23.50/team x 16 games

$70.50/team x 3 games




Administration Fees:

-registration forms; hall rentals; board insurance; office supplies/photocopies




Awards, plaques & prizes:








Field Fund: (based on 20 players per team)

(all teams/players registered with KWSC must submit this payment)




OSA Fees: (based on 20 players per team)

(all players/teams must submit completed registration forms with payment)









(based on 20 players)





Dates to remember:


April 15th, 2010 - $500 non-refundable deposit required to solidify position in the league


May 6th, 2010 – 50% of total owing including OSA registration forms submitted to Treasurer


May 20th, 2010 – 100% of fees due


***Teams not paid in Full by the end of the week of May 20th, 2010 will be issued a $100 fine and have all future games suspended until full payment is received by the Treasurer***


Very important Information:

Home teams are requested to email both the SOSA office: jsagriff@soccer.on.ca and kwsctreasurer@gmail.com when a referee does not show up for a game.

This will ensure that we are not paying referees for games which they do not attend.

Additional Info:


1)     All players MUST be registered with the SOSA office by returning the registration form to the treasurer with payment of OSA fees

2)     All players must also be registered on the KWSC Outdoor Website

3)     Budget is based on a 34 team league

4)     Teams registering more than 20 players must pay OSA and Field Fund fees for each additional player ($51.00) by the registration deadline

5)     OSA Fees & Field Fund Fees will be based on the number of players registered both on the KWSC website and through registration forms

6)     Teams may register a total of 25 players, however, you may only dress 20 players per game and players must play a total of 5 regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs

7)     Teams that bring a field to the league shall be credited $275.00 at the end of the season

8)     Teams have until the third week of the season to register players with both the KWSC and the SOSA office. This means that all registration forms must be handed to the treasurer or SOSA office no later than June 4th, 2010.

9)     Prize money will be divided as show in rule 3.28 on the indoor rules which will be updated for outdoor play as well:

3.28    a) 60% of collected prize money for regular season play

                    -First place will be awarded 75% of the tiers allotted prize pot.

        -Second place will be awarded 25% of the tiers allotted prize pot.


b) 40% of collected prize money for play-off play
-First place will be awarded 75% of the tiers allotted prize pot.

-Second place will be awarded 25% of the tiers allotted prize pot.




            $75.00/team x 34 teams = $2,550.00 prize pot

            Each Tier receives $637.50 ($2,550.00 divided by 4 tiers)


            Regular Season Play: 60% of $637.50 = $382.50

            1st place will receive $286.87 (75% of 382.50)

            2nd place will receive $95.63 (25% of 382.50)


            Play-off Play: 40% of $637.50 = $255.00

            1st place will receive $191.25 (75% of $255.00)

            2nd place will receive $63.75 (25% of $255.00)

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