Draft Minutes


KWSC Executive Members Present:

Alicia Walton

Bob Machin

Pam Lloyd

Bernie Harpell

Nancy Hoople

Brenda Corcoran

Brenda Hildebrant

Michelle Hall

Sandi Wright



Brandi McLaughlin


The meeting was called to order by the Chair and President of KWSC Nancy Hoople.


1.    Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Krista Swackhammer declared Conflict of Interest with Item No. 2 under New Business, (Indoor Season) and included Amy McFarlane, disclosing that Amy was an employee of the Soccer Dome and should be included in the declaration of conflict of interest.


2.    Approval of Agenda

A request was made to move item No. 3 under New Business on the Agenda, to after approval of the minutes, as presenter stated they would be leaving the meeting early.


On a motion Moved by Amy McFarlane and Seconded by, Krista Swackhammer the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that, the Agenda of the Annual Meeting of KWSC dated March 29, 2010 be approved as amended.




3.    Approval of Minutes

On a motion Moved by Vicki Wilman and Seconded by Dexter Gaskin the following resolution was passed;


Resolved that, the Minutes dated September 21, 2009 be approved as presented.




4.    Presentation regarding New Indoor Dome Facility


There was a brief presentation by current owner of the Kingston Soccer Dome, Krista Swackhammer to announce the plans to open a new facility in early October of 2010.


It was noted that the new facility will have one large size field that would accommodate 10 on 10 play and 3 smaller fields to accommodate the current number of players that currently play in the indoor session, 5 players on 5.  The executive and members were asked to give consideration regarding the new options in preparation of registration of the upcoming fall season.


It was stated that the new dome would be located at Rideau and Montreal Street.


5.    Budget Presentation for Outdoor Season


The treasurer, Alicia Walton presented the Outdoor budget for the 2010 season.  It was noted that there is a slight increase from 2009.  This was attributed to increased costs to fields, increase in OSA fees, and increased costs for awards.  The 2009 budget was $2,145.00 per team, 2010’s budget is reported to be $2,357.50 per team.


Discussion regarding costs of prizes and how it is going to be divided between the seasons

There was an inquiry regarding costs associated for those teams who supply a field and the costs incurred to maintain it.  It was noted that the reimbursement fee from the club has not increased, and it was requested that consideration be given to increasing the reimbursement amount.


A motion was proposed that when a team supplies a field, the reimbursement be in the amount of $350.00 for the summer season.  Further, it was noted that the amount should be equivalent to the fees paid for other fields.  This reimbursement is conditional upon the field being kept in acceptable condition. Reimbursement shall be pro-rated per games played on the noted field.


A friendly amendment was requested to ensure that field is adequately kept as previously adopted in the rules.


It was noted by Marguerite Heer, that if there is an issue with field conditions, it needs to be noted in the comments section of Game Sheets which will be brought to the attention of the executive who will act on this accordingly.


On a motion Moved by Mario and Seconded by Bob Machin the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that,
Any team bringing a field will be reimbursed the equivalent amount as the fees paid for other fields subject to the field being kept in acceptable condition. Reimbursement shall be pro-rated per game.



Dates for registration were reiterated.  It was noted that there are issues with having to set the budget and make payments for fields and other such expenses in advance, thus the significance of the date requested for registration fees to be paid.  The concept of the $500 deposit per team was discussed.  It was asked if the deposit could be carried into another season if the team decided not to play in that particular season. It was confirmed that the deposit was designed to financially protect KWSC from having to absorb all costs for teams who ‘pull’ out after the budget and registration has been administered.


The executive spoke to process of placements of teams in the tier system with regards to the number of teams.  It was reiterated that the executive will attempt to place teams equitably.


  Need to discuss administration of what happens if a team is placed in a tier that are not satisfied with and decide not to play.  Question about reimbursement?


It was noted that SOSA requires all registrations to be handed in no later than May 1st 2010.


Members were informed that the outdoor season is anticipated to begin May 20th, 2010.


On a motion Moved by Sandra Jass and Seconded by Irene Stead the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that the 2010 Outdoor Budget be approved as presented


6.    Financial Reports of Treasurer


The Treasurer spoke to the Financial Report and Audit.  It was stated that the audit is considered unaudited to reader. The members were informed of the difficulty in compiling past records and documentation due to the change in positions on the executive.  However moving forward, there have been improvements made to the process of record keeping and accountability and it is anticipated that the next audit will be more comprehensive. It was noted that the fiscal year end was August 31, 2009.

It was noted that the expenditures were reporting a negative balance. KWSC is working on clearing up deficit.  The treasurer spoke to the improved process to ensure that financial transactions of the club are transparent. 


Members requested more detail regarding deficit.  Members would like to see the breakdown.  Some of the questions were regarding loss of monies, was there a plan to recoup the losses, what is the plan moving forward? The Treasurer reiterated the improved processes moving forward and the importance of setting an accurate budget. 


It was requested that a summary be provided at the end of each soccer season for the members to review.  It was further suggestion to separate the Indoor funds from the Outdoor funds.


On a motion Moved by Terry (White Lightening) and Seconded by Lori (White Lightening) the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that the financial report of the Treasurer be approved as presented.



7.    Tier Directors Report


The Tier Director spoke to an email sent out to member requesting players to identify if they were interested in playing in the summer and which tiers were teams interested in playing in.


Spoke to new teams coming in, will try to accommodate those teams and place them in their desired tier.  Make every attempt to satisfy teams.


It was noted there are numerous teams slotted for tier 3. 


Spoke to waiting list of players looking for teams.  It was requested that teams contact the Tier Director if they have availability to accommodate players from the waiting list on their teams.


8.    Disciplinary Chair

It was noted that there is a requirement of the Disciplinary Chair to take a course prior to being able to administer fines, further it was confirmed that there were no fines administered the past session. 


At the request of the executive, the Disciplinary Chair monitored the new Tier 1 Select teams to ensure that there were not any issues.  It was confirmed that this new tier was unproblematic.


The Chair indicated that all complaints will be closely monitored and investigated.  Further, it was requested that all issues be brought to their attention.


There was some discussion regarding questioning referees during the course of the game and concern regarding not being provided with a response to their question. It was stated that referees are not held liable to answer these questions.


If teams cannot field a team, they are to contact the Scheduler, or the SOSA office immediately so the referee can be cancelled and the opposing team notified.


It was requested that the website be amended to have a porthole that is easily assessable for teams who are in need of cancelling their game.


If team cancels within 48 hours they can do this through the website and then this will go directly to the Scheduler, this will ensure the referees are cancelled and the team will not be fined.


Spoke to rain and games being cancelled and concern for playing on fields that are already in poor condition. Members questioned the issue with rain, lightening etc, and confirmation of the rule of when the game should be cancelled due to weather.  The Vice President spoke to the rule; players are to report to the field, the referee will call the game if it is an issue.


Members questioned who to contact if the referee doesn’t show up to a game?  The executive, stated that if a referee fails to report to the game, the team should attempt to have someone else referee the game.  Members were notified that they must wait 20 minutes before the game can be cancelled.


A request was made to put together one contact list for members.


Marguerite Heer spoke to what was agreed to last year, each team should have a contact that could referee a game if the referee doesn’t show up.


There was a request to give consideration to moving teams to a different night.


Issue with lights and combination numbers was noted.  It was suggested that team representatives be given the lockbox number.
Action              The executive will ensure that the team reps are given the lock box numbers before the start of the season.


9.    Rules & Regulations

The President briefly discussed the update of the rules on the website. This has been completed.


Discussion regarding rule no. 3.22 - suggested change to the rules;


“in the event that playoff competitions are not held, regular season champions will be determined by:

a)    The team with the most points at the end of the regular season shall be declared the tier winner.

b)    A tie shall be broken by going head to head competition.”


Suggestion:  'Head to Head' should be before 'Plus Minus'


Spoke about goals against and minus, issues with teams running up the score in the event that this would be a factor.  Should consider Goals Against.


On a motion Moved by Veronica McAllister Harris and Seconded by Alicia the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that; rule 3.22 be amended “in the event that playoff competitions are not held, regular season champions will be determined by:

a)    The team with the most points at the end of the regular season shall be declared the tier winner.

b)    A tie shall be broken by going head to head competition.”




Reiterated that this would only be in effect if the Play-offs do not take place.



10.    Registration


Presentation given by SOSA representative regarding registration process for KWSC..


Briefly spoke to registration process and past issues with the current process.  It was noted that the current practice is very time consuming.


Spoke to new process which reverts back to a past process of one registration form for each player with copies going to; the respective contacts, one copy to SOSA office, one to KWSC Treasurer, and one to Registrar of KWSC.


It was stated that all information is required no later than May 1, 2010.  Spoke to the rule of registering players up to the 3rd game.  The SOSA office requires 24 hours notice of new players. These registration forms can be sent in individually.  Members were warned that there is a significant fine for unregistered players, the set fine was reported to be $1,500.00.


All games sheets will be sent to the SOSA office through the Ref Centre.  These game sheets will be crossed referenced with what is on the website.




OSA fees are still required if player has been registered and has played one game. $26.00


It was confirmed that player’s books were not required unless they were playing in a tournament. Members were informed that it is a two week turn-around to have players books stamped.  All requests are to be addressed through the SOSA office.  Members were informed that Travel Forms are on the SOSA website.


It was reiterated that if referees are failing to report to games, the executive is charged for their service regardless. If referees aren’t showing up, it is imperative that the executive be informed as soon as possible.  It was noted that this can be attributed to the current deficit.


Joanie Sagriff of SOSA complimented the KWSC Executive on their current administration and noted improved processes.


11.  Field Schedule


Spoke to the report from City of Kingston with regards to the decisions for giving priority to youth teams.  Current available timeslots that have been booked were discussed.


Spoke to new fields in the year 2011.  It is anticipated that there will be new fields available next year.


It was noted that there is the possibility of having more late games scheduled this season due to the youth teams being given priority over city fields.  Bob Machin noted that at present, they are still trying to secure agreements for various fields in the Kingston area.


12.  Play-off schedule for Indoor

The Scheduler provided an update regarding the upcoming indoor play-offs.  It was noted that Tier1 and Tier 1 Select will be ready next week.


A poster was presented of the proposed schedule for play-offs for Tier 2, 3A and 4 for indoor.

Tier 3B posed some difficulties due to teams ‘dropping out’ after the budget had already been set.  Therefore, the schedule had to be tweaked and some teams unfortunately did not get scheduled the same amount of games as others. A detailed outline provided the rational of the scheduling.


It was noted that on behalf of Tier 3, an appreciation was expressed in how the scheduler managed the difficult task of scheduling.


A proposal was presented to have one continuous indoor season, with the option of two payment plans to save on cancellation expenses, with one play-off scheduled.  There was discussion regarding the rental fees at the Dome, and various timeslots that are not being used which contributes to added costs.  It was suggested that there be a two week break at Christmas.  A figure of proposed savings was shared with the membership if this proposal was adopted.


There was discussion regarding configuration for various teams, not all teams would be in agreement. The Disciplinary Chair spoke to, in view of what is expressed regarding the teams composition; we would make allowances for players to be changed in next session.


It was confirmed that there would be one set fee and members will not have to pay OSA fee twice.


A statement was made with regards to issues with teams not being competitive enough in that tier. If the second session was eliminated, what would happen with these teams in terms of placement?  Would they be expected to continue in that tier until the following year?  It was stated that the executive would give consideration to these issue and would make adjustments if necessary.


Members spoke to possibility of not having play-offs, as an alternative, awarding ‘league championship’.


Concern was expressed regarding large difference between fees being paid to the Dome. 


On a motion Moved by Stefanie Brown and Seconded by Jamie Clark the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that; the KWSC endorse the proposal of one (1) session for the Indoor season, permitting availability of facility. If availability changes, we can re-visit this decision prior to the start of the indoor season.




Action:           The Executive proposed to investigate the administration and implications of one indoor season with regards to payments and adding and removing players from the roaster.


Some options for consideration were;

  • 2nd payment option in January
  • Player release or additions at this time



Chair spoke to the possibility of the new Indoor facility having the option of 10 players and 5 player games.


In response to a question regarding the number of teams dropping out, it was stated that from a registration point of view, it would be easier to have one season. 


The concept of a $500 deposit was discussed briefly.


There was an issues raised with regards to teams being expected to absorb costs for other teams dropping out.


SOSA representative spoke to the responsibilities within each team and that members can’t hold the executive responsible to absorb or redistribute the costs.


Action:  Executive to investigate rental fees for various other clubs.


13.    Adjournment


On a motion Moved by Bob Machin and Seconded by Irene Stead the following resolution was passed;

Resolved that the meeting be adjourned.






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