Draft Agenda

                            DRAFT AGENDA 

                            KWSC General Meeting 
                            August 16, 2010 
                            6:30 pm 
                            The Ongwanada Resource Centre 191 Portsmouth Avenue

1. Approval of Agenda for General Meeting of KWSC of August 16, 2010

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Approval of Minutes 
   - approval of the Minutes of the General Meeting of March 29, 2010.

4. Report of Tier Director
   - report of waiting list status

5. Report of Scheduler / Statistician
   - report on any changes to the scheduling if any

6. Report of Vice President
    - extended congratulations to teams

7.  Report of Field Director
     - report of fields in Kingston area and how affect KWSC

8. Report of Disciplinary Chair
    - update on disciplinary report for 2010 outdoor season

9. Report of Registrar
    - discussion regarding one indoor season - registration process

10. Report of the Treasurer
    - summary of Outdoor Season
    - update on Field Fund Total

11. Budget Presentation for Indoor Season
    - approval of Budget for 2010-2011 budget

12.  Question Period
      - 10 minutes allotted for questions directed to owner of Dome in regards to indoor
         and the operation of the dome

13. New Business
      - porta potties
      - medic alet bracelets
      - insurance link for insurance claims on website
      - alterations in rules on website following new set up for indoor season
      - blank game sheets left on KWSC board at dome if needed

14. Adjournment

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