2Stave Off14100467363130
4Omega Fit Club147074650-421
5Kennelly Connection1430112766-399
6Violet Femmes1420121872-546

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1Samantha MCDONALDHurricanes25
2Hannah BASSETTHurricanes21
3Emma RAWNSLEYOmega Fit Club18
4Magdalena DICKSStave Off18
5Danielle D'SOUZAOmega Fit Club16
6Sapphire MUGGLETONStave Off16
7Kathleen BURTCH Hurricanes11
8Amanda WENDELLStave Off10
9Kayla MCPHERSONHurricanes10
10Jenny LINDSAY Marionetes9

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Amanda DEKLAVSStave Off2
2Holly CAOOmega Fit Club2
3Kathleen NORMANHurricanes2
4Tammy AITKENStave Off2
5Anissa BROWNKennelly Connection1
6Megan MACCRAEHurricanes1
7Tina CIRCELLIMarionetes1

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